Subaru and Seishirou get closeWelcome to Project Babylon, your number one source for information on Tokyo Babylon 1999, the live-action Tokyo Babylon movie. Hardcore fans and n00bies alike, please have a look around. I promise you wonít regret it. Itís the best movie ever made. I swear to god. Really. Brilliant. Beautiful piece of cinematography.


Because any B-grade horror flick is a good flick if it involves Subaru and Seishirou.

Warning: This site contains spoilers for the manga Tokyo Babylon. If you do not know the ending of the manga, I strongly recommend reading the manga before reading much beyond the "general" pages. It is well worth the wait.

Update 13 August 2006

The full audio and all sections regarding the Tokyo Babylon 1999 Drama CD have been uploaded.

Still looking for a script translator for the movie.

We're one year and a week old today! Huzzah!